Why ANDIS?     Andis Clippers are quiet - If you have an animal that shies away from "noisy" clippers, ANDIS is the clipper for you. Only half to one-quarter as loud as most other clippers, a "Must" for a "Skittish"* animal.



PRO-ANIMAL Clipper Kit

Great for trims on mane, tail, fetlocks, etc.

Andis AG-2 Two Speed
Detachable Plus+ Clipper

Major Step-up from the "regular" clippers.
This is a Professional clipper for competition and business use.
Great for trimming & body clipping.

Andis AG-2 Super 2-Speed
"Take Down" Clipper

A full body clipper in a compact size.
Designed for super-fast, super-smooth cutting.
Great for show cuts, trims, and full body clipping.
All these Andis Clippers can use the full assortment of Andis blades.

For more specific information,check out : Andis Blades
Andis Clippers
Blade Recommendations
Home Groomers

A quiet clipper is more calming and less stressful for the animal and you,
making grooming a faster and easier event for all.