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Groomer's Mall is committed to bringing you the best in Professional Pet Grooming Products. At the Groomer’s Mall we listen to the voice of our customers and continue to add more products based on their experienced input and the feedback we receive. Whether you are grooming your dog, cat, ferret, rabbit or horse we have products tested and recommended by professional groomers everywhere.

groomer's Goop

  • GROOMERS GOOP DEGREASER is the first step to a professionally groomed pet
  • Use directly on pets coat to remove excess oil build up on skin and fur
  • Removes tough soils and stains from dirty coats that other shampoos just won’t touch
  • Helps alleviate stud tail and matted fur
  • Use on cats and dogs for a show quality shine
  • Groomers Goop Degreaser is the only product of its kind on the market, a truly unique grooming experience no other product can give.
  • Breaks down tree sap
  • Gently removes the most difficult stains
  • Whitens yellowing areas
  • Removes tar
  • Handles stud tail
  • For professional use only
  • For dogs, cats and other furry pets
  • Made in the USA

Groomer's Goop
Liquid De-greaser

Groomer's Mall

$9.99 - 16 oz
$48.99 - Gallon


Please Call Us
at 800-537-7361

Groomer's Goop Liquid Degreaser for Professional Dog Groomers

Available in 16oz and Gallon Sizes

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Lambert Kay Freshen Clean Shampoo Original Scented Ready to Use Shampoo
PetAg/Lambert Kay

Fresh 'n Clean
Scented Shampoo

Groomer's Mall

$16.99 18 oz
$42.99 Gallon


Please Call Us at

Fresh and Clean Shampoos, condioners and pet sprays

Fresh'n Clean Classic Fresh Scented Shampoo gently washes dirt and grime away with plant-based cleansing agents and leaves a long-lasting clean floral fragrance that clings to the hair for up to 2 weeks. Drenches skin and coat with aloe vera and extra conditioners that make the coat shiny, manageable and free of mats and tangles. Fresh Clean Scent (Our “Signature” Scent) lasts up to 2 weeks. 

  • Gently cleans and moisturizes with vitamin E & aloe.
  • Strengthens and repairs coats.
  • Scent lasts up to 2 weeks
  • Ready to Use

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Artero Professional Dog Grooming Products
  • The soothing, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial effect produced by the Rose hip’s oil, oat’s extract, willow extract, chamomile, and Aloe Vera speeds the recovery of the dog’s skin affected by external agents
  • Main Ingredients: Boswellia serrat gum, willow extract, Oats extract, Rose hip’s oil, Aloe Vera, Alfa-bisabolol (chamomile soothing active). 
  • Very light formula so it´s perfect for dogs with sensitive skin
  • Best when used following a bath. 
  • Apply by spraying from coat and gently massaging affected area
  • Noticeably effective after 20 minutes
  • Soothes and calms irritation
  • Formulated for dogs but safe for all pets
  • Buy 3 or more Balsam Sprays and Save 20%
Artero Grooming Products

Skin Calming

Groomer's Mall

8.4 oz - $19.73

Artero Balsam Soothing Spray for itching irritated skin on dogs

Tuffer Than Tangles

  • Simply the best professional slicker brush available
  • Long comfortable handles with contoured grip supports the perfectly curved head allowing easy access to difficult to reach places
  • Tuffer Than Tangles brushes make speedy work of de-matting and brushing out thick coats
  • Extremely lightweight and ergonomic to reduce stress and fatigue in hand and wrist
  • Extra long, soft pins penetrate thick coats faster and deeper
  • Quickly and easily brush out heavy coats without causing damage
  • 23 has a firmer black pin pad
  • 4 Brushes available
    21 - Medium Regular Pins
    (2" X 3 3/8")
    22 - Medium Long Soft Pins (2" X 3 3/8")
    23 - Medium Long Firm Pins (2" X 3 3/8")
    24 - Large Regular Pins (2 1/2" X 3 3/8")

Tuffer Than Tangles
Slicker Brushes

Groomer's Mall
Low Price

21 - $11.99
22 - $11.99

23 - $11.99
24 - $13.99

Best Value!
Set of 4 - $44.95
(That's a 10% Savings)

Choose Your

Tuffer Than Tangles Slicker Brushes for Professional Groomers
  • Effective in helping clear chronic ear problems
  • Cuts down on ear odor, excessive wax, and inflammation
  • Great to use after swimming to help dry the ear
  • Safe to use as a maintenance ear cleaner in healthy ears
  • Applicator syringe included
  • Contains Gentian Violet, rubbing alcohol, Boric Acid and essential oils
  • Can cause staining
  • For use on dogs only. Do not use on cats

Lisa Leady's
K-9 Miracle Ear Elixer

Groomer's Mall

8 oz - 9.99
16 oz - $15.99
32 oz - $30.99


Crown Royale Grooming Products

Crown Royale
Magic Touch Grooming Spray
Formula #3

Groomer's Mall

$9.99 - 8 oz
$12.99 - 16 oz
16 oz Concentrate -



For Quantity Pricing Please Call Us at 800-537-7361


  • Formula 3 is specifically balanced for full bodied texture coats and gives your dog’s coat a natural sheen and enhances its full body texture.
  • The ultimate finishing spray for the show dog
  • Gives luxurious sheen, has no heavy build-up, repels dirt, and prevents coat matting
  • Formulated with conditioners, optical brighteners and silicones
  • Special emulsifier allows Magic Touch to be shampooed out easily
  • Special Note For Poodles: When you wish to remove hair spray from coat, spray with Magic Touch and it will enable you to brush out coat without breaking any hair
  • Looking for Formula 1 for fine texture coats?
  • Or maybe Formula 2 for medium texture coats?

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