Blades Vs. Clip-On-Combs
Andis Clippers
all come with a #10 blade, the standard size of the industry.
Most clip-on-combs work well with this blade.
For a smoother cut with a clip-on-comb, use a #40 blade under the comb
instead of a #10 blade.
  • For specific longer length of general cutting: clip-on-combs work fine.
  • For "Show Cuts": use actual longer blades for a better finish cut.

Regular or Finish Cut
Blade Sizes #3-3/4 - #7
3 3/4 blade7 Blade

Blades come in Regular(skip tooth) or Finish Cut(FC) styles.

  • Regular blades give a faster, better cut through thick hair.
  • Finish cut blades are a little slower, but give a smoother cut.
#T-84 Blade
T84 Blade
Great for body cuts.
Extra-wide blade goes over large areas quickly.
*T-84 blade works best on high speed of 2-Speed or Super 2-Speed Clipper. A Super 2-Speed with a T-84 blade can replace the standard heavy and awkward "Large Animal Style Clippers".

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