The first and only book of its kind which gives groomers the opportunity to see 64 magnificent Mutt Makeovers, plus instructions on how to design creative solutions to unique mutt styling challenges. This book helps the groomer to see the possibilities in each mutt, and to think "outside the box" when planning a look for a mixed-breed dog.

The book also instructs the groomer on how to correct a dog's physical imperfections and how to make them look as good as possible. All in styles that convey the special personality that each individual mutt possesses.

Containing 251 pages, and 293 illustrations by artist Denise Benko, The Mutt Styling Guide is as beautifully unique as each mutt it will help you make look their best. It's a must for every groomer's library.

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  Chapter Four: Making Mutt Magic--64 Magnificent                       
Mutt Makeovers
About the Author
About the Artist
Table of Contents

Bandit: Makeovers 1 - 6
Eddie: Makeovers 7 - 8
Cleo: Makeover 9
Chester: Makeovers 10 - 12
Oliver: Makeovers 13 - 15
Jane: Makeovers 16 - 20
Mitty: Makeovers 21 - 24
Cameo: Makeovers 25 - 27
Reba: Makeovers 28 - 31
Tyke: Makeovers 32 - 34
Fred: Makeovers 35 - 36
Lucy & Pogo: Makeovers 37 - 42
Nash: Makeovers 43 - 46
Sandy & Sparkey: Makeovers 47 - 50
Chewey: Makeovers 51 - 52
Alexa: Makeover 53
Home Boy: Makeovers 54 - 57
Shelby & Jackson: Makeovers 58 - 59
Sam: Makeovers 60 - 61
Bailey: Makeovers 62 - 64


Chapter One: Mutt Grooming - Getting Started

Dog Grooming--We're an Industry Now
The Mutt Grooming Toolbox
Assessing the Challenge in Front of You
First Visit Evaluation
Using the Evaluation Information to Create a Style
Chapter Two: Creating a Unique Mutt Style by                       Mixing and Matching
Meet our Anatomy Model, Joe
Body Anatomy
Head Anatomy
Styling by Mixing and Matching
Head Styles
Ear Styles
Body Styles
Leg & Feet Styles
Tail Styles
Chapter Three: Underplaying Physical                          Imperfections Appendix
Correcting Imperfections of the Face, Head & Ears
Correcting Imperfections of the Body & Tail
Correcting Imperfections of the Legs & Feet
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