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STRIPPERS are used to remove coat-whether all, to start a new coat, or some, to shape an existing coat. Coat is always stripped in the same direction as the hair lays or points.

"DEE-TAILERS" are the result of a particular need of a well-known Airedale breeder/exhibitor/handler. She tended to work with the front half of the blade only and to wrap the back half with tape to prevent her index finger from having a hole worn in it, since she grasped the tool with her finger over the back half of the blade. They worked well for her and, subsequently, for many others. The "EXTRA FINE DEE-TAILER" is also used by scores to groom in tight places such as the backs of the ears.

The MUCKRAKER is the product of a suggestion by one the great old time Airedalers who tested it and proclaimed it great for, "shaping, faking and mucking." It works well for shaping as it removes hair at different lengths simultaneously, thereby shortening the overall area with less likelihood of creating holes in the coat. It also helps to "roll" the show coat by creating multiple lengths of hair during the normal grooming process. An additional benefit is that it breaks up heavy concentrations of hair (not mats) and makes their shortening/removal much easier than with regular strippers. Its extra cost dictates that it will usually be purchased by experienced groomers who will be able to appreciate its value in grooming.

The blue-handled EXTRA FINE is usually used where a very short uniform coating of hair is desired. It also is used by many when shaping a coat. It is excellent for carding out undercoat.

The yellow handled FINE is the all-purpose tool used most by pet owners who want to maintain a pretty coat but do not intend to exhibit. It is also the starting tool for potential exhibitors/groomers. In the exhibitor’s tack box, it is great for carding out undercoat and mucking coats. It also works well for general stripping and for maintaining uniform coats of relatively short length.

The orange-handled MEDIUM is mostly used on body coat and when longer uniform length is required.

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