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Elastic Bands For Making Dog Bows
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As always, The Groomer's Mall strives to provide high quality grooming products and accessories to professional and home groomers. Our Elastic bands are no exception! These are fresh, high quality medically safe elastic bands. Our hottest new product is the Clear Latex Free bands! Many of our professional bow making customers have switched to these great new bands! Clear bands come in 5/16" diameter only.

These bands have been tested by professional groomers who make some of the finest dog and cat bows in the industry!

We store our bands in a refrigerated unit as heat and light will quickly age your bands. We recommend that you do the same! Also if we feel that outside temperatures between our door and yours are detrimental to the quality of your bands we will let you know prior to shipment. If kept refrigerated, your bands should last at least one year from the date of purchase.

If you have any questions about our bands or if you require larger quantities please do not hesitate to contacts us at 800-537-7361 or e-mail us at

Elastic Bands!

Available in:

100 Count - $3.99
500 Count - $14.99

1,000 Count - $19.99

  • High Quality
  • Always Fresh!
  • Heavy Weight
  • Available in Latex-Free Clear
  • Packaged in 100 Ct bags
  • 5/16

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Latex Free Clear Bands 5/16

Knotless Hair Wraps

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Knotless Hair Wrap Toppers

Also available Knotless Toppers.
2 Flexible discs that hold the hair in place while wrapping the hair! Two sizes for different thickness of hair


Knotless Hair Wrap Directions
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Knotless Hair Wrap

Groomer's Mall

$9.50 - 5 Ft Roll
5.00 - 10 Ft Roll
Large or Small Topper $5.50

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Knotless Hair Wrap

  • Knotless Hair Wrap can be used in place of rubber bands and other traditional hair bands.
  • It can be used in all types of hair including your own
  • Made in 5 foot rolls that can be cut to any length required
  • Available in 10 colors and clear
  • Clear available in 10 foot rolls as well as 5 foot
  • Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Violet, Brown, White and Black
  • Also available Knotless Toppers


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