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The Groomer's Mall once again brings some of the best professional pet grooming tools available. These educational materials are some of the most thorough and informative pet grooming media in the industry!

Shortcuts from the grooming table

Shortcuts from the grooming table client checking cards

Short Cuts from the Grooming Table

By Melissa Verplank

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Shortscuts from the Grooming Table


End confusion at check in with detailed visuals. Eliminates guesswork, increases productivity, and builds consistency from groomer to groomer.

  • Quick Head and Body Reference Charts
  • Fully protected by heavy laminate
  • Laminated Charts available for the following dogs:
    American Cocker
    Airedale Terrier
    Bichon Frise
    Drop Coat
    English Springer Spaniel
    Miniature Schnauzer
    West Highland White Terrier
    NEW! Doodle

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Laura Civello Hearn, an experienced house-call groomer and educational speaker, takes you step-by-step through every aspect of house-call grooming. She instructs you how to effectively start and grow your very own house-call grooming business. 

Chapter focuses that include Safety, Equipment, Marketing and Advertising, and Routing, this exciting read will teach you everything you need to know! 

Special cat grooming chapter by house-call groomer and shear expert Chris Anthony. 

Foreword by house-call grooming veteran, Daryl Waters Conner. 

A Practical Guide to
House-Call Grooming
By Laura Hearn

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A Practical Guide to House Call Grooming by Laura Hearn

  • Are you an experienced groomer with a love of animals?
  • Do you want the flexibility of mobile grooming without having to put down $15,000 for a brand-new van?
  • If you are already a house-call groomer, are you frustrated with how things are going and ready to throw in the towel?
A Practicaal Guide to House Call Grooming by Laura Hearn

Looking for a way to continue servicing grooming clients with little overhead and a great deal of flexibility? House-call grooming is a business that allows you to set up your equipment and groom pets inside clients’ homes — no van or trailer required.

Schnauzer Grooming DVD
Miniature Schnauzer
English Springer Spaniel Grooming DVD
Springer Spaniel
Golden Retriever Grooming DVD
Golden Retriever

Maltese Grooming DVD

Westie Grooming DVD
Bichon Frise Grooming DVD
Bichon Frise
Welsh Terrier Grooming DVD
Welsh Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier Grooming DVD
Cocker Spaniel Grooming DVD
Cocker Spaniel
Poodle Grooming DVD

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Super Styling Sessions Breed Specific DVDs

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Poodle and Cocker DVDs

All Other SSS DVDs

Available but Not Shown :

  • German Trim Poodle
  • Continental Trim Poodle
  • Smooth Coats
  • The Doodle
  • Old English Sheepdog
  • Bedlington Terrier


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Super Styling Sessions

Breed Specific DVDs

Jay Scruggs and Sue Zecco are two of the nation’s most skilled, knowledgeable and recognized groomers. Both Jay and Sue started their careers as groomers, then became owners of successful grooming businesses, and later entered the competitive arena -- first as groomers, then as judges.

In the Super Styling Sessions DVD's, Jay and Sue take you step by step through grooming specific breeds using the techniques and tools that have made them some of the most sought after people in the professional pet styling industry.

Sue and Jay offer tips and secrets to improve your grooming skills and success!

Click on any DVD cover to get more information about the breed specific trims and techniques that will be demonstrated.

Caring For the Canine Coat by Christein Sertzel

A Salon Guide for Canine Estheticians and Pet Stylists

Caring for the
Canine Coat 2nd Edition

by Christein Pearson-Sertzel

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Christein Pearson-Sertzel breaks down canine coat issues in this 228 page book filled with colorful pictures and diagrams.

  • A lengthy and thorough reference guide for all canine professionals
  • It covers every aspect of caring for canine skin and coat
  • This book encompasses it all and it's the only book of its kind for our industry
  • A must for groomers and pet care service providers
  • Indepth physiology of the skin, coat, and related systems
  • Topical applications
  • Skin and coat care methods
  • Understanding shampoos and conditioners
  • Caring for secondary coat issues and symptoms
  • Adding coat care and spa type services to your salon menus
  • Networking options for pet grooming salons

A must for every grooming professional

  • An important and useful
    resource in preparing you
    for a successful and
    rewarding career in the
    pet care field
  • Filled with the information
    you need to properly perform
    the maintenance grooming procedures that all dogs
    require for optimum comfort
    and good grooming health
  • Focuses on the foundation
    skills of professional grooming
  • A comprehensive guide to the maintenance procedures of dog grooming
  • Karla's book focuses on
    the foundation skills of
    professional grooming and
    is a comprehensive guide to
    the maintenance procedures
    of dog grooming. Topics
    covered include: brushing,
    combing, deshedding, dematting,
    ear cleaning and care, paw
    and nail care, nail clipping,
    bathing, conditioning and drying

to the
Foundations of
Dog Grooming

by Karla Addington-Smith

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Also covered are salon safety, canine anatomy, identifying potential health problems, handling and recognizing aggressive behavior types, identifying canine coat types, skin and coat anatomy, and the science of bathing dogs

Introduction to the Foundations of Dog Grooming by Karla Addington Smith

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Karla Addington-Smith is a
National Certified Master Groomer,
award winning professional
pet stylist and IJA Judge.
Karla shares her 35 years of
all breed grooming experience on
these beautifully prepared pages
with original illustrations and
color photographs

Notes from the Grooming Table

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Notes From The Grooming
Table 2nd Edition

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Notes From the Grooming Table

  • Industry standard for grooming reference guides
  • Written by esteemed stylist, speaker, and judge, Melissa Verplank
  • Featuring gorgeous illustrations by renowned wildlife artist Lisa Van Sweden 
  • Includes information on basic pet grooming techniques on over 200 AKC recognized breed standards
  • 145 added pages!
  • 2 new bathing and drying sections, including amazing instructions and illustrations

The Theory of 5

  • Written by Certified Master Stylist, Melissa Verplank
  • One-of-a-kind Guide Illustrating how to transfer your skills from one pet to the next
  • Photographs and illustrations walk you through the 124 pages of easy-to-understand terms and techniques

Theory of 5

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Theory of 5

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The Notes Pocket Pal

the Notes Pocket Pal
2nd Edition

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  • A quick and condensed grooming guide for the most popular breeds
  • The abridged version of "Notes From the Grooming Table"
  • The 101 page guide includes 5 new breeds: the Australian Terrier, Wire Haired Dachshund, Lagotto Romagnolo, Pumi, and Spinone Italiano
  • Designed for the groomer on the go
  • Rugged and water resistant
  • 6.5 x 5 inch book fits in a smock pocket
  • Put Melissa Verplank’s grooming experience to work for you!
  • A must for all groomers!
This book is an all encompassing guide for stylists of all grooming experience levels who are just starting out, or are already active in the competition grooming circuit and want a leg up on the competition.

The Competition Grooming Guide

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The Competition Grooming Guide

A Must Read for Every Groomer!

  • Let Ellen Ehrlich inspire, motivate, and empower you so that you can create the grooming business you have always wanted whether you are shop, home, house call or mobile
  • The Successful Pet Groomer covers everything from running and growing a business, health and safety, time savers, and everything in between including sample forms, waivers, price increase letters, owner tips, websites, links, and other resources
  • Ellen will explain how to groom most small dogs in sixty minutes or less, guaranteeing you more grooms in a day with less stress and wear and tear on you as you build the ideal relationship with your customers
  • Topics include breeds, styles, pricing, prep, bathing, drying, and grooming tips
  • Foreword by Daryl Conner

Ellen Ehrlich's

The Successful
Pet Groomer

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Wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up every day and see an appointment book full of cooperative, happy dogs and cats on a maintenance schedule with accommodating teamwork owners? Well, you can!
All you have to do is read
The Successful Pet Groomer.

Ellen Ehrlichs The Successful Pet Groomer

Go Mobile and Succeed

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Ellen Ehrlich's

Go Mobile and Succeed

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A Must Read For all Mobile Groomers!

  • Written by an extremely successful mobile groomer, Ellen Ehrlich
  • The MUST HAVE Manual for Starting and Growing Your Mobile Grooming

  • An information packed book for mobile groomers and the
    future generation of mobile groomers
  • Covers scheduling, routing, marketing, advertising, pricing, policy/ release forms and much more
  • For stylists considering moving into mobile or established mobile
    groomers who want to crank their customer service up a notch
  • Foreword by Daryl Conner

Learn More About Ellen

Go Mobile and Succeed DVD

Ellen Ehrlich's

Go Mobile And Succeed –
The Seminar DVD

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Bring the Tradeshow
Seminar Home!

  • Two hours of solid information that is valuable to home, housecall, salon,and mobile groomers.
  • Ellen covers current topics that are important to the newbie and the seasoned professional
  • This seminar DVD is filled with real-life experiences, insights and lessons learned that would benefit all pet stylists
  • Ellen shares many helpful details and true stories in her folksy, fun style
  • Let Ellen help YOU realize your dreams as she brings to life her highly acclaimed book Go Mobile And Succeed.
  • This is the next best thing to attending Ellen’s seminar, now presented at major grooming conventions all over the country

Another Great Read For all
Shop, Mobile and Housecall Groomers!

  • Written by Ellen Ehrlich, Author of the book Go Mobile And Succeed
  • Ellen has chosen 49 of her most popular essays from her blog Go Mobile And Succeed
  • Ellen covers current topics that are important to shop, home, housecall, and mobile groomers, the newbie and the seasoned professional
  • Follow Ellen’s adventures through cat grooming school and her TV appearance on Animal Planet
  • Ellen shares her experiences, her opinions on important issues, and the trials and tribulations we all face as pet stylists
  • A wealth of knowledge right at your fingertips, written in Ellen’s fun and folksy style.
  • If enthusiasm is contagious, you will catch it reading this book!

Ellen Ehrlich's

49 Essays On
Pet Grooming

Groomer's Mall
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Ellen Erlich's 49 Essays on Grooming
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