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Marshmello Dematt Spray for Professional Groomers
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Marshmallow Demat Spray
  • Deep Cleaning and No Sulfates! Silicone-FREE!
  • Contains real Marshmallow Root
  • Babassu oil
  • Shea butter helps smooth cuticle, leaving a shiny coat
  • Makes combing out tangles a breeze
  • Loaded with Keratin to make the coat lustrous and shiny
  • Conditions hair and skin. 
  • RINSES completely! 
  • Works great in hard or soft water!
  • Professionally concentrated 32:1
  • Available in 8 oz and Gallon sizes

Marshmello Cleanse

Groomer's Mall

$15.95 Each - 8 oz
$54.95 Each - Gallon

Marshmello Dematt Shampoo for Dogs


Marshmallow Demat Spray
  • A Natural Plant Extract that does the job of dematting just as well as old-style silicones!
  • No greasy feeling!  It does the tough work of dematting & detangling-easily and quickly
  • Creates the 'slippyness' needed to slide out matts and get tools through easily!
  • Scrumptious Marshmallow scent!
  • Keratin added formula - ensuring a gorgeous finish, lustre and feel every time!
  • Available in 10 oz, 17 oz and 33oz

FULL INGREDIENTS LIST:  Aloe, Purified Water, Fragrance, Citric acid, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Plantago Psyllium, Marshmallow Root, Guarano Bean, Polysorbate 20.  No added oils

Marshmello Dematt

Groomer's Mall

$12.95 Each - 10 oz Spray
$15.95 Each - 17 oz Spray
$21.95 Each - 33 oz Refill


33 oz Out of Stock

Marshmello Dematting Spray for Professional Groomers
  • Make sure to 'Shake it Up' well before use each day.  The botanical nature of the formulation will allow for some settling-shake it good!  We want a nice, uniform consistency.
  • Because it's NOT a Silicone, it acts differently.  It comes out of the bottle in more of a 'stream-like' spray than a mist.  Its' more viscous nature makes for it to never express as a mist.  This is NORMAL.  :)  Spray in liberally-wetting matts/coat.  We use a Wide-Fan Sprayer which makes the spray into a 'fan' shape, giving a wider distribution and coverage.
  • Use liberally -  fully covering matts/tangles - let sit for about 30 seconds to make sure it absorbs.  After spraying, brush fur lightly in direction you will be dematting, this ensures all fur and hair is pointing in somewhat same direction.  Begin dematting!
  • It feels a bit more 'viscous' than old style dematters.  Remember-it's a botanical based dematter!
  • Rinses clean.  Use BEFORE bath, DURING and/or AFTER bath.  *Ideally - rinse away in tub after dematting but spot dematting in heavier spots is o.k. following too.  Make sure to fluff dry following if you use then.  It's meant as a before the bath dematter, and during the bath dematter firstly.  

  • Remember - Your Marshmello will also FLUFF! 
  • Here's how to do it.  After bath-while still damp:  1) Spritz LIGHTLY into coat.  2) comb or brush through areas you want fluffed to ensure it's spread evenly.  THEN:  Fluff-Dry as usual!  Awesome for scissoring, preparing for Competition or just to create that 'superior finish' anytime!  Oh Man-does it fluff!  Check out our Testimonial Button for what your fellow dog groomers are saying!
  • The Keratin ensures beautiful, fluffy smooth coat!  Smoothing dry, damaged hair cuticle.


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